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Harvey Thank You Letter


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Sunday Sep 3, At Kim-Ngân’s house

  It was back breaking work, there was no A/C, and the whole place reeks. But, we had so much fun tearing things out and cleaning things up. We removed the wet sheet rock, the wet wood floor, the wet

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Harvey impact on CompaSS-South

Shutdown all operations for 10 days At least 6 members & families had to be evacuated from their homes Flooded houses of 4 members, some do not carry flood insurance Totaled at least 5 cars

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Cách lau chùi sau bão Harvey

Kính gửi quý vị những điều cần biết trước khi quý vị dọn vệ sinh nhà quý vị bị lụt, nguồn từ: Du-Hà Kim Nguyễn FB Chỉ trở về nhà/cửa tiệm khi được thông báo chính thức từ các nhà

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Harvey Relief Resources

FEMA’s website to apply for disaster relief funds Recovery Assistance / FEMA Website của FEMA để register xin được trợ giúp. Access FEMA Website above to apply for disaster relief funds. It only takes 20 mins to apply.  Hotel assistance

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