Integral Meditation

Integral Meditation (iM) functions as an integral part in the transformation of the whole person. It serves as an essential complement to the Integral Tai Chi (ITC). Whereas the Ten Forms of Integral Tai Chi works with the body, iM aids in developing the “new brain”, a new mind set. The Ten Forms help transform our internal Chi and bring our body and breathing to a state of readiness supporting deep meditation. Once the body is still and relaxed, the breathing refined and subtle, the Chi circulating and focused, the mind is readily transformed. Both ITC and iM go hand in hand. ITC takes care of the hardware – the body; iM develops the software – the mind.

Dharma Master CE Hang Truong introduces the “integral Meditation program” and provides the roadmap covering the monthly meditation lessons throughout the year of practice. Based on personal experience with his Master, the Venerable Hsuan Hwa, Dharma Master CE Hang Truong has drawn together insights and methods from Avatamsaka & Suramgama Sutras, Sudden & Complete Teachings, Shamatha & Vipassana and incorporated them with the use of modern psychophysical theories and scientific analysis to monitor the practitioner’s progress in meditation. He has introduced the use of benchmarks that are measurable such as: the number of breath counts per minute, the degree of breath subtlety, degree of muscle and organ stillness, duration of the meditation sit and types of brain wave emissions.