iTC Forms

CK10 MantrasThe Ten-Forms Integral Exercises empowers you by helping you channel your energy more efficiently. Essentially, the Ten-Forms combine Yoga, Tai Chi and Qi Gong movements. It has been developed as a way to induce physical wellness, sharpen mental focus, and train meditative awareness through a combination of exercise, breathing, relaxation, visualization, and meditation techniques. When we are physically well it is much easier to deal with mental and emotional challenges, and the Ten-Forms is one valuable way of achieving that total well-being. The Ten-Forms Integral Exercises begins with the Heaven form and ends with the Earth form. In between the Heaven and the Earth forms, there are eight forms represented by eight symbolic animals progressed sequentially in practice. These are the Frog, the Buffalo, the Crane, the Dragon, the Phoenix, the Tiger, the Butterfly and the Turtle. Each of these forms correlates with a center of subtle chakra energy in the body. The Ten-Forms are designed to develop and maintain the centers of “spinning energy” in the body at equilibrium to give the practitioner a more physical, mental, emotional and spiritual balance. From the view of modern science, this chakra system sustains a level of consciousness and understanding, choices of lifestyles and types of relationships that dictate how we are in the world.